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BUMPS ebook

You have the power to create a more comfortable pregnancy experience, set yourself up for a smoother labour and recover faster post natally. The right knowledge, dedication and support are vital. This is what BUMPS is all about - empowering you to take control. 

What is B.U.M.P.S?

The B.U.M.P.S. acronym is a checklist of all the things you need to know which help to create balance in your body, move well, feel good, and birth easier and recover faster. Knowledge is power, and BUMPS will empower you to make mindful choices that create a more positive pregnancy, birth experience and transition to motherhood. 






By following these principals during pregnancy and post natally, you will be doing everything in your power to care for your body and encourage optimal balance, healing and recovery. 

B.U.M.P.S. came about because as a clinician I have seen first-hand how information can empower women and help them thrive during their pregnancy. My ten years in clinical practice working with hundreds of pregnant mums, my specialised training and my own journey through pregnancy, birth and motherhood, have shaped my approach. In this guide are some resources I really wish I knew before having my first baby. My experience has motivated me to share this information with the world, because having this knowledge WILL change your experience. And it's all here in one place! This information is not a guarantee of a “perfect pregnancy and birth”, not at all. Pregnancy and birth are unpredictable. But with this knowledge I know that you will feel empowered to make mindful choices that will positively change your pregnancy and birth experience. 

Pregnancy BUMPS prevents the "I wish I had known" feelings that arise following pregnancy and birth by teaching you:

* Why pregnancy discomfort is so common as well as common pain presentations and what you can do to promote comfort. 

The physiology and mechanics of the pregnant body that contribute to pain, dysfunction and fetal malposition 

Factors within your control that promote comfort and smooth labour. 

* Importance of fetal positioning for smooth labours and how to encourage it

*  how to BREATHE to change your physiology, support your body during movement and promote calm and healing in your body

* Why balancing the body is so important and simple strategies to UNWIND and create balance within your body

* How to MOVE with CONFIDENCE and EASE during your pregnancy

 *  How to protect your tissues and PREVENT injury  during pregnancy and post partum 

* Expose you to a network of resources and AH-MAZING birth workers who want to SUPPORT you through your journey.  

You've made it to the bottom of this page, which means you'r ready mama. 



I created BUMPS to prevent the “I wish I had known” statements I hear all to often when women speak about their pregnancy and birth. 


I wish I had known my baby was posterior/breech (and what to do about it). 

I wish I had known there were things I could have done to impact fetal position.

I wish I had known that I needed to look after my pelvic floor and my abdominal wall. 

I wish I had known what to do to be comfortable during my pregnancy. 

I wish I had known there was support available….


…and the list continues….

I talk more about this in my ebook 

BUMPS…5 conscious actions for improved pregnancy and birth comfort.

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