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‘I Love Babies!!’

I just loooooooove working with babies. Gazing into their wise eyes and working with their scrumptious little bodies - what an absolute privilege.  It seriously hurts my ovaries …and  gives me my baby fix without me having a fourth baby!


But why do babies see Chiropractors?

 Chiropractic care facilitates optimal movement and optimal function of their nervous system. Both are needed for them to be comfortable and reach developmental milestones with ease.. 

Babies operate from a part of a brain called the brain stem, the level of the brain responsible for sleep wake cycles, digestion, resting tone, breathing and sucking to name a few.


Well babies, like adults, will function best when their little bodies can move with ease. Tension (mechanical strain) can not only create discomfort and also impact their nervous system’s ability to function optimally, and carry out these important brain stem functions smoothly. 


But why does strain occur in a baby?

Commonly it stems from having had a wild ride earth side.  Labours that are fast, slow, long second stage, acynclitic presentation, shoulder dystocia, had interventions like forceps/ventouse and c sections can place strain on their little bodies. Gentle balancing can make a huge difference to their comfort levels and the smooth functioning of their nervous system. 


 Here are some signs that your bubba may benefit from chiropractic care:

  • Disliking car seat, tummy time, or changing clothes.

  • Head preference to one side, tilting to one side, torticollis and plagiocephaly

  • Difficulty feeding/latch, preferencing one side when feeding 

  • Wired baby (fists clenched)

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Delayed postural milestones - ie rolling, crawling, walking 

  • Tongue tie related dysfunction



Treatment for babies is gentle, individualised and includes cranial dural releases, stretching, muscle release techniques, activator,  gentle adjustments where appropriate and of course, home care exercises.  


If the above sounds like your baby, please know that gentle treatment can be a fast and effective way to relieve their discomfort and set them up to thrive through their developmental stages. Please reach out and we can review and do a thorough assessment if needed. I am here to help if you have any questions. 

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