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Breastfeeding Support

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Three common feelings I regularly hear that have inspired me to skill up in the field of lactation. 


Breastfeeding is something many mothers have the intention and desire to do, yet breastfeeding rates drop off dramatically in the early weeks. So why is this the case?


There are many factors influencing mother’s and their breastfeeding journey but what it comes down to is that women who want to breastfeed need support. The care and support they used to get from the village, but in today’s society is often missing.


 They need people around them who can offer practical and emotional support to help them thrive. They need to understand normal infant feeding patterns, how babies increase their supply, how birth impacts breastfeeding, “normal” infant sleeping patterns, normal patterns of weight gain, correctly  establishing a latch and so much more. 


They need support, early on…and unfortunately this is not always the case, leaving many mothers feeling isolated and like they have failed. 


That’s where lactation support comes in. The right support, at the right time, will set you up to succeed. 


What if we could shift those three big, uncomfortable words to EASE, SUCCESS and SATISFACTION. Well we can. Together.


My own experience with a fabulous lactation consultant inspired me to skill up, so I can offer that same support to mothers. I personally struggled initially all three times, and it was the right support at the right time that made all the difference.  I have been able to breastfeed my 3 children for a total of 5 years (and counting!)


So if you want to breastfeed, and are having some difficulties. Please reach out.

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